Get your white shoes white again

White sneakers: the must-have that you bring into your home every summer to make new memories. You can easily combine them with any piece of clothing and there is a good chance that they will have grown together with you by the end of the summer. After frequent wear, they are no longer so white and it seems that they attract dirt. Want to get your white shoes white again? We give tips.


Choose a smooth leather shoe

It all starts with the purchase of your new pair of shoes. Opt for a pair made of smooth leather, such as nappa or calfskin. Avoid fabric sneakers, they won't survive the summer.

Pre-treat your shoes

One says that you have to treat the shoes in advance, the other does not. As soon as the leather shoes leave our factory, they are already provided with a protective layer that protects them against water and dirt. Spraying in advance with colorless impregnating spray certainly does no harm.

Keep them away from dirt

An open door, but if you want to keep your white sneakers beautiful, don't throw them in at the deep end during a downpour. You don't have to wipe off what isn't on it. Unfortunately, you cannot always influence the weather and the circumstances. With the tips below we ensure that your sneakers become white again.

This way your white sneakers become white again

As soon as your sneakers have braved the downpour, you naturally take them off at home. Chances are right now you'll be tempted to take them off without untying the laces, but that's not ideal for the fit. Loosen the laces completely and remove the laces in case of stubborn dirt.

Do you want to get your laces sparkling white again? Place them in soapy water with a little bleach and let them soak for half an hour. Then put them in the washing machine on a short program and they will be bright white again. If necessary, use a laundry bag or pillowcase to make sure they don't get tangled during the wash.


The washing machine is not a good idea for your white leather sneakers. Too much water causes the leather to become porous, causing cracks. Let your shoes dry at room temperature so that you can brush off the first dirt. Simply, with a dustpan from a hand sweeper. Don't try to outsmart the process by putting your sneakers on or under the heater to help them dry faster. That can also cause cracks in the leather and then you are even further away from home.

Are your shoes still dirty? Then we have a tip à la 'grandma knows what to do': make a mixture of soda, water and white wine vinegar. Mix this into a paste and spread the mixture over the stains. Try it out on a small area of the shoe first to make sure you don't get any color differences. After letting this mixture soak in, wipe it off with a wet cloth. Your sneakers will look like new again.

Grease stains on your white shoes

After an evening of sagging, you can turn on the deep fryer for a while. And before you know it, a blob of mayonnaise lands on your brand new shoes. Grease on your white shoes is best treated by applying a little shampoo to the stain. Let it soak in for a while and dab on the stain. You can then remove the water with a wet cloth. Vaseline can also work in the same way.

Getting yellow stains out of white shoes

Are your shoes damp or do you dry them in the sun? Then there is a good chance that yellow spots will appear on your white sneakers. The sole can also slowly turn yellow. Dip a cotton swab in bleach and rub the sole. The yellow spots will disappear like snow in the sun. Wear gloves to protect your skin and clothing.

After reading the tips, are you ready to enter the summer season with new white sneakers? At Hinson Studios you will find a wide range of white, leather sneakers of the best quality. All our shoes are made from superior materials sourced from Europe. We combine exquisite craftsmanship with innovative techniques to create a new standard for footwear.