Lacing your sneakers


When you have bought a brand-new pair of shoes, the laces are already in your sneakers. But how do you put laces in your shoes if you have washed them, for example? We explain and give you inspiration for unique lacing techniques.

The different ways to tie shoelaces

The ladder, straight bar, knotted-style or the doubleback. We are not talking about complicated fitness exercises, but about the different techniques for tying your shoelaces. There are countless ways to tie your laces and thus give a unique twist to your sneakers.

Hide the tie on your laces

Want to hide your shoe laces? Once the laces are in your shoes, you can tuck the ends of the laces on the inside. This way you won't see a crazy bump with long trousers and you won't trip over the long loops during exercise. This works best if you tie your laces straight (straight bar) or crossed.

Cross your laces in your shoe

Have you washed your laces and want to thread them back into your shoe? Start at the bottom of the shoe and thread the lace out through the bottom eyelets. Make sure that the lace (with a flat lace) does not twist when lacing. Then cross the laces at the top and thread the laces from the inside out through the second eye. Repeat this until you reach the desired height. Do you have a wide instep? Then it can be nice to keep some eyes open for more space. Keep in mind that the fewer eyes you use, the less support your ankle will have. For sports shoes, we therefore recommend using all eyelets (possibly the extra eyelet at the top) for extra support.

Tie your laces straight bar

Do you want to give your shoe a business twist? Then the 'straight bar' is the best way. Instead of tying the laces, lace them horizontally.


You start at the bottom of the shoe. Where you pull the laces through the eyes from the inside out with the crossed laces, here you work from the inside out. You grab the left lace and skip an eye. You pull the left lace through the third left eye from the inside out and immediately thread it through the third right eye from the inside out. Then you take the right lace and thread it from the inside out through the second right eye and directly through the right eye from the inside out. Repeat this until you reach the top of the tongue. The laces end on the inside of the shoe. That way you can easily tuck your laces on the inside or tie them with a loop.

The ladder

The ladder lacing is more difficult than the closures above, but also gives the most support to your foot. Ideal when you take on a sporting challenge where your feet and ankles can use extra support.

You do the laces from the inside out through the first eye. Then you put both laces directly up through the second eyes. From the inside, cross the laces and go under, around the other lace, without going through the eye. You go back up with both laces and thread the lace through the third eye. You repeat this until you reach the top of the shoe.

Other ways to tie your shoelaces

Do you want to go for a unique style and give your shoe a unique look? Then you can choose the top back, hidden knot or zipper. View some examples here:

Wash your laces

Are your white laces more gray than white? Then it's time to give them a wash. Throw them in soapy water with some bleach and then put them in the washing machine on a short cycle. The bleach makes them shine white again. Be careful with your clothes: bleach bites off so wear old clothes and gloves when doing this job.


It is better not to throw your colored laces in a solution of bleach. It causes bright colors to become duller. Rather use soapy water with just some detergent and let them soak for a while. You can possibly put them in the washing machine afterwards.

With new lace-up styles comes new sneakers

Have you memorized all lacing styles and are you ready to put them into practice? Then it's time for a new pair of shoes or sneakers. Our shoes are made from superior materials sourced from Europe. We combine exquisite craftsmanship with innovative techniques to create a new standard for footwear. Order your next pair of shoes in our webshop.