Bad smell

There's been a penetrating air around you for days. Suddenly you find out that this smell is coming from your shoes. Annoying and you may feel embarrassed. Fortunately, you can tackle nasty shoe odors with our tips.


What to do with smelly shoes?

Prevention is better than cure. That is why it is important to purchase good quality shoes. If you choose synthetic or plastic shoes, you can set the clock that these shoes will give off odors. So invest in a pair of leather shoes. Choose calf or nappa leather and always wear socks (made of wool or cotton) in your shoes.

Get the stink out of your leather shoes

Do you have leather shoes and do you still notice unpleasant odors? First of all, let the shoes air out for a few days. Not in the sun, which can cause discoloration in the leather. Remove any arch supports and see if the odor becomes more neutral after a few days.


Store your shoes in a dry place, in the box or cloth bag. This way, moisture doesn't stand a chance, the instigator of unpleasant odors.

Sweat smell in shoes

When the mercury rises, you sweat more quickly. Annoying and not inevitable. When sweat mixes with bacteria, bad odors are created. Likewise in your shoes. This is how you get that sweat smell out of your shoes:

Avoid the washing machine

It can be a tempting thought to throw the shoes in the washing machine. Enjoy the water and get rid of all the dirt in one fell swoop. A disadvantage: chances are that your shoes will not survive. Too much water kills leather and cracks appear. The glue can also become soft, so that the soles come off. So don't try to go the fast way and don't throw your shoes in the washing machine.

Vinegar and dish soap

Mix a few tablespoons of vinegar and a few drops of dish soap with a cup of water. Put two cloths in the water, wring them out and put them in the shoes. Remove the wipes the next day, let the shoes dry (not near the heating) and the sweat smell will be gone.

Coffee pods in your shoes

The next time you put a coffee pod in your coffee machine, grab one for your shoes as well. Coffee beans have a neutralizing and absorbing effect and therefore remove bad odors from your shoes. Put a coffee pod in each shoe and take them out after a day.

Your shoes in the freezer

Negative temperatures kill the bacteria. So it's not a bad idea to put your shoes in the freezer. Put them in a plastic bag first and let them sit overnight. After you take them out of the freezer you have to dry them well again. The sweat odors are a thing of the past.

Deodorizing sprays

Are you about to leave the house and notice that your shoes smell? Then you no longer have time to put them in the freezer overnight and immediate action is needed. These sprays, also called shoe deodorant, work almost immediately and make your shoes smell nice again.


Do you wear plastic or plastic shoes and do you notice that odors no longer leave your shoes? By switching to leather shoes you say goodbye to the unwanted smells. At Hinson Studios you will find a wide range of calf, nappa, nubuck leather and suede. All our shoes are made from superior materials sourced from Europe. We combine exquisite craftsmanship with innovative techniques to create a new standard for footwear. Your shoes will stay beautiful for longer at an accessible price.