Maintaining suède shoes


An indispensable item during the dark days of the year: a pair of suede shoes. Stylish, warm but also maintenance sensitive. Suede is made from the inside of leather, without the skin layer. That makes the material softer than smooth leather. It has a brushed texture and therefore looks a lot like fabric. Dirt and wet spots are therefore more likely on suede than on leather shoes. Prevention and maintenance is therefore essential to keep your shoes looking good. We give you tips.


How do you treat suede shoes?

When it comes to maintaining your shoes, prevention is always better than cure. Therefore, spray your fresh pair of suede shoes immediately with an impregnation spray as soon as you take them out of the box. Let the spray dry well and make sure you choose the right color spray. Are you unsure about the color? Play it safe and choose a colorless spray. The spray gives your shoes an extra protective layer, so that dirt is better repelled.

Maintain your suede shoes

Suede is the most maintenance-sensitive type of leather, which is why it is important to spray it regularly with an impregnation spray. In addition, it is important to keep your leather shoes dry: suede is like a sponge for water and dirt and causes unsightly stains. Is a downpour predicted that you have to go through? Leave your suede shoes and opt for shoes with a smooth surface.


A special suede brush is the best investment when it comes to maintaining your suede shoes. After wearing the shoes, the hairs can stand in all directions, making dirt and water more likely. Brush your shoes after every wear to keep them looking good.

Cleaning your suede shoes

You have been extremely careful with your shoes, but unfortunately you now find a stain in them. Fortunately, that doesn't have to mean the end of your beloved pair. With our tips for cleaning suede shoes you can help them get back on their feet.

A stain on suede shoes

That stain on your shoes is of course an eyesore. Stop and take a three count of breaths: after all, you don't want that stain to get any worse. Again, your suede brush is essential here. Brush over the stain and you will see it slowly fade

The suede eraser

Doesn't work? Then you can move on to the heavier guns: the eraser. Not the one you used to have in your pencil case at school, but a special eraser for suede shoes. You erase it over the stain and you see it slowly fade.


Suede and water

Has your suede boot had a rain shower and do you see an ugly stain after drying? Water is best fought with.. water! Do not immediately throw them in a bucket full of water, but wet the suede brush and slowly brush over the stain. Then dab the area with a dry cloth.

Keeping your suede shoes beautiful for a longer period of time

You can keep your suede shoes looking good for the longest time by spraying them in advance, maintaining them regularly and exchanging them for another one during harsh weather conditions. Store them in a dry shoe box or cloth bag, so that moisture has no chance. Do you want an alternative to suede that is less maintenance-sensitive, but still has the same look? Then take a look at our shoes made of Nubuck leather.