Maintenance of leather shoes

 A pair of shoes, straight out of the box. You can't wait to put them on, but you also want to keep them tidy. That first mud stain on your crisp white sneakers or wet spots on your suede boots hurt. To keep your shoes looking good for longer, it is important to properly maintain your (leather) shoes. With our tips you will enjoy your shoes for longer.

Tip 1: Maintain your shoes regularly

Tip 2: Do not put leather shoes in the washing machine

Tip 3: Open laces and zippers completely

Tip 4: Protect your shoes after a downpour

Tip 5: Use a shoe tree


Prevention is better than cure: choose leather shoes

Do you want to keep your shoes like new? Then choose leather. The advantage of leather shoes is that the quality is better than non-leather shoes, you experience more comfort and it retains the fit. There are different types of leather, for example nappa or calf leather, nubuck or suede. First check which leather your shoes are made of, so that you can properly apply our tips for maintaining leather shoes.

Treating leather shoes before use, is it necessary or not?

In every shoe store you will be asked if you want to buy shoe spray. You tack because you want to keep your new ones beautiful and in the meantime a collection of sprays, waxes and shoe polish is building up in your junk closet. But is that really necessary, or do you not need to treat your shoes beforehand?

As soon as your leather shoes leave our factory, they are already provided with a protective layer. Pre-treatment is therefore not necessarily necessary. An impregnation spray can do no harm and gives your shoes an extra layer of protection against rain and other unpredictable weather conditions. It is therefore useful to purchase one, also for interim use. Before you enthusiastically spray your shoes, check whether it is suitable for the right material. Do you have suede shoes? Read more here.

Maintain your leather sneakers

It is logical that over time you will see some signs of wear on your leather sneakers. Aiming to keep your shoes looking like they just came out of the box isn't entirely realistic. Prevention is better than cure: with these tips you ensure that your leather sneakers, shoes and boots remain in optimal condition.


Tip 1: Maintain your leather shoes regularly

Prevent signs of wear and dirt by regularly cleaning and maintaining your leather shoes. This can be done in the following ways:

Keep the laces white? Put them in the washing machine. If there's mud on them, brush them off first, then soak them in bleach. After bleaching, put the laces in the washing machine for 30 minutes. The bleach will only make the laces whiter.

You can also soak colored laces, but do not do this in bleach, as this can cause the color to fade. Soak them in soapy water with detergent and water before putting them in the washing machine.

It is best to clean your shoes by first removing the laces, then it is easier to clean the entire shoe or to rub it with leather cream.

Treat your leather sneakers weekly with an impregnation spray and let them dry well. This creates an extra layer on the shoe that resists dirt.

Do you have leather shoes and do you see some spots over time? Then you can use leather cream. Make sure you only do this with smooth leather and that you use the right color. Rub the cream in with a soft, dry cloth and avoid synthetic types. The latter can have a counterproductive effect on the protective layer of your shoe, so that dirt strikes earlier.

Don't put your shoes on every day, but let them 'rest' for a day now and then. Do you have loose insoles in your shoes? Then take it out every now and then to air it out.


Tip 2: Do not put your leather shoes in the washing machine

It can be tempting to throw your sneakers in the washing machine when they're dirty. Do not do it! When leather shoes come into contact with too much water, they can become porous and damaged. The advantage of smooth leather is that the dirt can easily be polished off. Use a dry or at most damp cloth to remove the dirt.

Tip 3: Open laces and zippers completely

You've had a long day at work and you kick off your shoes in one jerk and plop down on the couch. For the fit of your shoes, it is better to break that habit. Because you do not fully open zippers or laces, the shoe expands. Consequence? A worn out shoe or broken zipper.

Is it still difficult to take off your shoe when the zipper is fully open or the laces are undone? Then use a shoehorn. This also allows you to maintain the optimal fit and the shoe stretches less.


Tip 4: Protect your leather shoes after a downpour

A good downpour: you can't escape it in the Netherlands. It's a shame if you just step into a puddle with your new shoes. Rain and snow are killing for the condition of your leather sneakers and that is why it is important to let them dry after a downpour. Do you see from the weather forecasts that there is a good chance that your shoes will not keep it dry? Protect your leather shoes against the rain by first spraying them with an impregnating spray.

Sometimes you are suddenly overcome by a downpour. In that case, the saying 'prevention is better than cure' does not quite apply. Then make sure you let the shoes dry when you get home and remove any insoles. Do not place them on the heating, because the leather can dry out and cracks will appear.

It is often recommended to put newspapers in the shoes because they absorb moisture. Be careful with this: if you put too much newspaper in it, it can cause bubbles that you can't get out later. It is preferable to store the shoes in a shoe box or cloth bag (no plastic!) so that the moisture is absorbed. And do you still see some stains after drying that you can't get out with a cloth? Then use some leather cream to fade the stain.

Do you go outside regularly? Then it is better to opt for calf or nappa leather than for suede or nubuck. Dirt adheres less quickly to these materials.

Tip 5: Use a shoe tree

In addition to loosening your laces and using a shoehorn, you can also use a shoe tree. This way the shoe does not collapse and the fit remains good. Preferably use a shoe tree made of cedar wood, because this absorbs moisture. Your shoes last longer, wet spots dry up faster and unpleasant odors are avoided.

Choose leather shoes from Hinson Studios

Prevention is better than cure. That is why it is important to purchase a quality pair of sneakers or leather shoes. All shoes with the Hinson name are made from superior materials sourced from Europe. Hinson combines exquisite craftsmanship with innovative techniques to create a new standard for footwear. Your shoes will stay beautiful for longer at an accessible price.

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