Damaged leather shoes

Scratches, grease, paint or mud stains, cracks or a loose sole. Damage to your leather shoes that you hoped the day would never come. Immediately put your shoes in the bulky waste at the first display of decay? Fortunately, that is not necessary. With our tips you may be able to save your shoes from destruction.

Pre-treating and maintaining your shoes

First things first: because prevention is of course better than cure. Are you looking for high-quality shoes that can take a beating? Then preferably choose shoes made of calf or nappa leather. The smooth surface repels dirt more easily than other leather variants such as nubuck and suede. In addition, leather lasts longer than plastic variants.


Our leather shoes come standard with a protective layer as soon as they roll out of the factory that protects them against the changing weather conditions and accidents with tampering. Nevertheless, it does not hurt to spray them in advance with (colorless) impregnation spray. Regularly wipe your shoes with a dry cloth, store them in a dry environment (or a cloth bag) and coat them with leather cream to keep them in the best condition. You can read more about maintaining your leather shoes on this page.


Scratches on white sneakers

Scratches on your (white) sneakers. You try to scrub them off with full force, unfortunately without result. Fortunately, there is a smart life hack that allows you to make the scratches disappear like snow in the sun. The purchase of expensive creams or sprays is not necessary: a jar of (greasy) face cream from your bathroom cabinet is sufficient. With a dry cloth you dab in the cream, spread it over the scratches and your white sneakers look like new again.

Grease stains on your shoes

There you are: at a party with your brand new white sneakers. Suddenly a bitterbal falls on your new shoe. Ouch! Fortunately, a grease stain does not mean the end for your leather sneakers: shampoo is the solution. After soaking your hair, apply a little shampoo to the stain. Once it has been absorbed, remove it with a wet cloth. Let the sneaker dry (not on the heating or in the sun) and you can walk around radiantly with your sneakers the next day. Tip: Try it out on a small, inconspicuous part of the sneaker first so that there is no color difference.

Remove paint from leather shoes

We do not recommend painting the wall with your new leather shoes. But when disaster strikes, you need to know what to do to get those paint stains out of your shoe. Green soap, moisturizing cream or glycerine are the solution to treat paint stains on your leather shoes. You probably have one or more of these remedies in your bathroom cabinet. Use a damp cloth and rub the stain with it. Test a small piece of the shoe here too, so that you are spared color differences or ugly stains.

Cracks in leather shoes

Cracks in leather shoes occur because the shoes have become too wet or because you have let them dry too quickly on a heater or in the sun. Don't make these mistakes and keep them dry as much as possible. This can be done by keeping the shoes in a cloth bag and not washing them in the washing machine.

You can limit the damage somewhat by applying a leather cream. The scratches become less visible and the leather remains supple so that your shoe shows fewer cracks in the future.

A loose shoe sole

Do you wear your shoes day in and day out? Then the sole of the shoe can come loose. Give your shoes a rest every now and then and alternate with other shoes. The sole of the shoe is usually attached with glue. Therefore, do not throw your shoes in the washing machine, as this can cause the sole to come loose.


If the sole is loose, it is best to visit the local shoemaker to see if it can still be glued. Is the whole sole really sticking out? Then it's time for a new pair. At Hinson studios we have a wide range of leather shoes for women and men. All the soles of Hinson's shoes are stitched, making it almost impossible to come off. The edges are additionally stitched. This way our shoes last longer. Our shoes are durable and of high quality.