Casual loafers

Elegant and timeless, our men's loafers. In the increasingly warmer summers you want to look stylish, without wearing warm and closed shoes. A loafer is half open and therefore a lot more airy. The men's loafer had a dusty image, but they are now an indispensable part of the current street scene.

You can easily mix and match the men's loafer in any situation. From an evening drink with friends to a business lunch with a potential customer. The loafer upgrades your casual outfit and gives your business suit a subtle wink. The simple design makes it easy to step in and they don't attract all the attention. The loafer should therefore not be missing in the wardrobe of the modern man.

Suede loafers

Our loafers have a clean design and give you the comfort you feel with a sneaker. All unnecessary additions have been removed so that our loafers complement your outfit, instead of drawing attention to itself.

Our loafers are made of premium suede, which is known for its high quality. Suede also exudes the most luxury among the leather types. Unlike other types of leather, including smooth leather and nubuck, suede is not made from the top, but from the bottom of the hide. This makes it rougher than other types of leather. Suede is a vulnerable material because dirt adheres more easily to the hairs. It is therefore important to treat your leather loafers well beforehand and to maintain them regularly with a suede brush.

The colors of the loafers

You can easily combine the loafers with any outfit. We have men's loafers in light and dark colors. Due to the fragility of the fabric, it is best to leave suede loafers in the closet during a downpour. In the unlikely event that it does happen, you will see stains less quickly on dark variants. A light loafer is nice for a sunny summer day, because it makes your entire outfit summer-proof.

The handmade men's boots from Hinson

Sneakers, loafers, slides or boots: at Hinson you are at the right place when it comes to handmade shoes. All shoes are made in our own studio in the Netherlands, where the craft is central. Each product is carefully composed with the highest quality materials. This allows us to deliver better quality at an accessible price.

Inspired by minimalism, innovativeness and the unconventional. With this we create the perfect mix of high quality, timeless design and technical innovation. And you can see that in our men's loafers.